The Boxing Filmography : American Features, 1920-2001

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The Champ, ""Body and Soul"", ""Don King: Only in America"", ""Girl Fight"", ""The Irish in Us"", ""The Kid from Brooklyn"", ""Somebody Up There Likes Me"", ""Raging Bull"", each of the ""Rocky"" movies and ""When We Were Kings"" are just a few examples of the 98 boxing features included in this filmography. Thoroughly researched, this work examines boxing films from the 1920's to 2000 and beyond. Each movie is described by three separate entries: the ""Tale of the Tape"" lists the film's studio, its genre, its length, credits for the producer, director and screenplay writers along with whether the film was done in black and white or in color; ""The Principals"" section names the film's major actors along with the characters they portray; and the ""Blow by Blow"" entry contains a detailed synopsis of each movie and includes excerpts from film critics of the day. The filmography also includes a section of ""End Notes"" that offers information on studio publicity releases and advertisements, press books and exhibitor campaign materials for each film.
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AUTHOR Frederick V. Romano
FILENAME The Boxing Filmography : American Features, 1920-2001.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 30 Nov 2004

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Thoroughly researched, this work examines 98 boxing films from the 1920s through 2003. Each entry provides basic filmographic data (the film's studio, its genre, its length, cast and credits); a detailed synopsis of the film; illuminating commentary on the boxing sequences; and excerpts from contemporary reviews.


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